Friday, April 29, 2011

Princess Bride

Note to the Bride:
You look beautiful. The wait is over, now we all know you wore an Alexander McQueen dress designed by the house's creative director Sarah Burton. You also wore a Cartier tiara lent to you from the Queen herself, and diamond earrings that your parents gave you. I like that your accessories had significant sentimental value. You definitely look like the princess you now are.

There have been some complaints that your dress was too safe, and that it was too much like Grace Kelly's when she married the Prince of Monaco. Don't let the critics phase you. Your wedding photos will be referenced for decades, not to mention all of the people watching today. This was not the time to debut an avant garde, cutting-edge style, that will look dated in two hours. (I doubt Princess Diana thought her puffy sleeves were of-the-moment, but they definitely look eighties now)

Your dress compliments your slim figure, your makeup is simple and pretty, and your smile is a perfect accessory. This style will remain classic. If you are going to pay homage to a wedding dress, Grace Kelly's is the one to do it to.

Note to Readers:
What did you think of Kate's wedding day look? Keep in mind there are still luncheons, dinners, and parties tonight, where she will have a chance to change into something that is more current. (if she chooses to, of course) I originally thought the look was a little boring, but when I remembered the pressure on her, I think she was smart to wear something timeless to the actual wedding. I think this new Princess is a smart cookie.

Also, did you wake up to watch the wedding live? As much as I love a wedding (and I LOVE weddings), I waited until my normal wake up time to watch it. That's what DVR's are for, right?


English said...

"Grace Kelly's is the one to do it to."

Exactly. May we all be accused of looking "too much like Grace Kelly."

kayla marie said...

love this post!
thanx for the blog love, new post up.

xo-Kayla Marie

nicole said...

Agreed, obviously she was not going to have an edgy dress on, I thought it was gorgeous and so timeless. But I must say, I like Grace Kelly's even more! Both are fabulous.

Terri said...

Oh Lisa, I don't think there will ever be a wedding dress as beautiful as yours was, but for a princess, I too was one of those who thought it needed just a touch of tweaking. I would loved to see some raw silk, but maybe after the Diana dress England is OVER that look. I don't know...but she was so beautiful she could have worn anything! (I DVR'd the wedding's always about the dress...)

the Eggett's said...

Yes, of course we watched the wedding!!! I did love her dress. Very classy. I do have to admit however that my favorite part about it was taking in all the gorgeous hats! I have a feeling ladies dress hats are going to be a trendy item for a few months. . .

Leah said...

Oh both their dresses are perfection!


Sarah York said...

I thought the exact same thing about her dress. Pretty but underwhelming, then- good choice, as so much pressure is upon her. I think I like Grace Kelly's better though. Loving that long sleeves are making a comeback!

Fabiana said...

Aren't they both gorgeous! SO regal!

ciao from newport beach