Sunday, January 16, 2011

Golden Globes '11

Note to Readers:
You all know how much I love red-carpet fashion. It is fun to imagine what it would be like if you were able to choose a gown from a top designer. I wonder what I would pick. I get excited to pick out an outfit for going on a date with Ben, so I can't even imagine how excited I would be to choose a gown from a designer to walk the red carpet! I'll share with you some of my favorites and least favorites from the night. (Keep in mind I haven't actually watched the ceremony, just looked at the photos)

Note to Anne Hathaway:
I'm going to be honest with you, sometimes I do not understand your style. However... tonight I am obsessed with it!!! In my mind I like to think that Stanley Tucci picked out this Armani Prive number for you, out of the magazine fashion closet in The Devil Wears Prada. This gown is a stunning color, it has a great shape, and I love the long sleeves. I love everything about it.

Note to Claire Danes:
I almost always love your style. This Calvin Klein halter dress really showcases your pretty shoulders and teeny waist. Let's be real for a second, I can't get over your petite frame and scuplted shoulders. I haven't event noticed the dress, color, silhouette etc., I am just dying over your pretty figure. Way to flaunt what you've got in a subtle manor. (Are you taking notes Katy Perry?)

Note to Megan Fox:
If I were you I would probably just wear a bikini everywhere. If I had to put a dress on though, this Armani Prive is a good choice. I like the texture and construction of the bodice paired with the un-complicated skirt. Very pretty, very classic, and very well done.

Note to Angelina Jolie:
Have you been reading Fashion Noted? Thank you for wearing a color other than black! This Versace gown is gorgeous. I love that so many celebrities embraced something other than strapless gowns. I hear I need to see The Tourist for our wardrobe alone, and I think I may have to do just that.

Note to Emma Stone:
This is hard for me because I love you. Seriously, I watched Easy A on my flight to Hawaii and then I watched it again on the way back. So please keep in mind, this is hard for me to write. This Calvin Klein dress is definitely not your best look. The dress is not supposed to match your bronzer. If it were in another color I think it could be a really nice minimalistic look on you, but the color is all wrong. Don't hate me?

Note to Halle Berry:
We get it. You are pretty, you have a great body, beautiful skin, don't even need hair to look pretty. I know you don't need an amazing dress to look amazing, but this look is putting me to sleep. Did you get it out of Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie's closet? Sorry, that was kind of mean. I would still die to look like you, but I have seen you in some gorgeous gowns and this one is a little bit of a snoozer.

Note to Readers:
Who do you think shined on the Golden Globes red carpet? I would love to hear your opinions.


The Lindseys said...

o.k, so I didn't see the globes either, just looked at the pictures. I think I would take Anne Hathaway's Dress. I love that its not ridiculously revealing, but it's very flattering. I also love claire danes dress. I agree that the dress works because her body is so killer. I think that dress is the type that if it wasn't on the right body, it would look awful.

I love this blog. I'm so not a fascionista...but I love this! :)

Barbie said...

You are sooo entertaining, Lis! I love this...and I agree with how you've summed it up. I too would LOVE to see you on the red carpet! How could one make that happen? Hope all is well. XOXO