Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You Know You Love...

photo from people.com
Note to Leighton:
I am obsessed with your colorful coat/cape in this picture. I love the grass green color, with the polka dotted scarf under, and the sunny yellow purse. Apparently the shoes on the ground are a part of the Gossip Girl scene you were filming. Anyway, I hope you are not mad about this post I wrote. I really think you have darling style 99% of the time, and the above photo is a perfect example of how well you wear clothing. Can we still be friends?

Note to Readers:
As you can tell by this post, I love colorful coats in the winter. It is so easy to get into a black and grey wardrobe rut in the winter, don't succumb to it! Keep your wardrobe fun and interesting with unexpected bursts of color.

Also, become a follower of my blog! (was that too bossy?) I promise you will be glad you did. There are some sweet giveaways in the works, as soon as I can show I have a lot of followers. Scratch my back, and I will scratch yours.


ben said...

Bright shoes! I love bright shoes.

Kinda said...

I so agree with you on the 'colourful winter coats'. Nothing adds to the drabnessof winter more than a basic black or grey coat. This green coat is right up my alley! love it!


Mode Pour Moi said...

cute coat. love capes, very hard to find them though.

follwoing for sure , check me out at modepourmoi.blogspot.com