Monday, April 20, 2009


Note to Lady Gaga:
Ok, so I don't want to be completely negative in this post, especially because I like grooving to Pokerface while I am driving.  We have to call a spade a spade though. What in the world are you wearing? I know you like to be edgy, and sometimes I like your leotards with crazy hair and sunglasses looks.  Today however, I don't know what to say.  The hat, the lipstick, the glasses, the weird belt/necklace, the cup of tea? Come on, you can do better than this.

On a positive note, the white purse looks like it has potential.

Note to Readers:
Let me be the first to say, I have been a bad little fashion blogger lately.  I'm sorry.  The good news? I have been busy working on all kinds of fabulous projects that I can't wait to share with you.  Photo shoots, music videos, and articles all styled by me are on their way to you. As soon as these projects are completed, I will be sharing them with you! Hopefully after you see what I have been working so hard on, you will forgive me for neglecting you.


GEL-Oh said...

Strange, very strange.
I love that tea cup & saucer thou!

Katherine Fajen said...

okay i have to say i lover love love lady gaga. she is just so strange and i love that she never wears pants. but i have to agree, this is weird. even for her.

Erin Spenc said...

K I have a question. What exactly is the white pants rule? I've seen people wearing them and I think they are cute. Is it too soon in the season?

linds said...

She fascinates me. But seriously, I can't stop looking at her lips, does she think she's a geisha or something.