Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Really Britney?

Note to Britney:
This is a costume from your Circus tour. Are you serious? I have no problem with concert costumes being sexy and adorned with sequins, but this is just a joke. I read that Dsquared designed your costumes for the tour, but I don't want to believe it! I mean really Brit, tassels?

Note to Readers:
Remember when watching a Britney performance was exciting? Everything from the choreography to the costumes were amazing, and she pretty much looked like what you wished you could look like if you spent all of your awake hours at the gym. If not, I'll refresh your memory.

This outfit plays up her sex appeal and amazing figure, without the use of a tassel. How can we bring this Britney back?

1 comment:

Katherine Fajen said...

what do you have against some boobie tassels? i mean, i think they're classy.