Friday, December 19, 2008

A Holiday Gift to Yourself

Note to Readers:
Your favorite fashion blogger (ahem... Me) wrote a couple of articles for the winter issue of  Eliza Magazine.  Eliza is a hip, LA based fashion/lifestyle magazine that I highly recommend.  It is hard to find in some places so if you would like to see my stories in print, please purchase an issue online or subscribe to the magazine  here.  I would suggest getting a subscription because #1 they are a great deal, and #2 I am in the process of writing three articles for the Spring issue, so you will already be having Eliza delivered to you when the time for that issue rolls around. (PS.  I don't get any kind of monetary reward if you get an issue, I am simply passing along information)


Hyo said...

Oh Lisa - our soon-to-be famous exciting. I'm going to have to make a purchase...but I may want you to sign it sometime so that when your ship does come in....I'll have something to frame and boast about :)

*emily* said...

Congrats! My first essay is being published in January. It is so exciting to know your work will be in print!

PS- When are you going to take me shopping? ;)

Ciara said...

1. I miss you and can't wait to see you on TUESDAY for snowboarding! I will call you for more details this weekend.
2. yeah for your mag debut!
3. just so you know, I teach anna sui's niece at the new york kids club. Chris (her mother), is her sister in law I believe. anyway...lyle wasn't interested in that, but i knew you would! Anna's children's line that came out (or is coming out) was inspired by Grace (her niece)

Barbie said...

Lisa, that is fantastic! What an accomplishment to be a published writer and I will definitely have to check out that magazine!