Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Am... Sasha Lame

Note to Beyonce:
You are beautiful, I can't argue with that. You have a curvy figure, and I love that you show that women of all sizes are beautiful. THIS IS IMPORTANT THOUGH, no matter how pretty you are, or how bootylicious, or how fierce, it is never acceptable to wear an outfit made solely of spandex or lycra. Seriously, this outfit would make Kate Moss look like she needs to shop at Lane Bryant. Time to fire your mom, and hire a stylist.

Note to Readers:
I want to make sure you all know, I think that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. How you dress can emphasize your uniqueness, or in this case can draw awkward attention to your body. Choose what you wear wisely, it is how you present yourself to the world.

Side Note:
Beyonce's new album is titled I Am... Sasha Fierce., hence the title of the post. Just thought I would clear that up.


nicole said...

What is maybe more awkward is that she is now renaming herself again for the second or third time. I think it is hilarious. And agreed on the outfit.

suzanne campbell said...

I so agree with you and I know nothing about fashion except what I am learning from your blog. How was thanksgiving? Hope you all had a great time. love to you all suzanne

Katherine Fajen said...

Hmm yeah, the outfit is terrible. If that is Sasha Fierce...I don't dig. Plus, have you seen the weird mechanical hand thing she has been wearing? What is that!!?