Monday, August 29, 2011

VMAs... Not a good night for fashion...

Note to Readers:
I was just looking through some photos from the VMAs, and it looks like everyone had a hard time getting their looks just right. Maybe when it is an MTV event people think anything goes, but it just ended up with a lot of confused looking ensembles! I try not to be overly negative on this blog, but I am pretty underwhelmed by these looks...

Note to Selena Gomez:
You usually have such a fresh and ladylike style. I am not sure about this lace-cut out dress, it looks like an Elvira remake. Let's go back to your flirty dresses and we'll just forget all about this misstep. You did better than your fellow Disney starlet...

Note to Miley:
I understand trying to dress more maturely in an effort to be taken seriously, but I think dressing like a Golden Girl is taking it a little bit too far. The thing is, there was a stylist involved and I am sure the stylist and his/her team pulled a bunch of options for you. I just don't know how this was the best choice?

Note to Katy Perry:
There are no words. This looks like a castaway from Gwen Stefani's Harajuku girls costumes a few years back.

I feel like this post is just ripping on everyone, which is not what I usually like to do! My problem is, I love fashion. LIVE for it, and I think that so many other people do as well. So when you think about how many people are helping each of these stars getting ready for an event, lets get some admirable looks on that black carpet! You know what I mean? Especially with all of the AMAZING clothes out there right now, lets see some of them in action and not just on!!

Note to Katie Holmes:
I love your dress! It is just the right balance between casual and dressed up. The color and pattern look great on you, and I think you look amazing. My one complaint is, the pose? Although if I had a ton of people taking my picture, I would probably have a few awkward poses here and there too.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Baby Ruby

Note to Readers:
I posted a little while ago about my dear friend Ani and her baby girl Ruby. It is with tears in my eyes and an aching heart that I write that Ruby passed away last week. Her little body fought as much as it could, but in the end she went back to live with our Father in Heaven. I have been truly inspired by the short life of Miss Ruby, and by the grace and courage that her parents have endured this trial.

There are a few different efforts going on to help out the family with the medical costs incurred. If you feel so inclined, please visit the links below. Anything helps!

to read their story:

to view the bows for ruby website:

direct donations:

donation auction in honor of ruby jane starts august 15 and runs through august 22: