Friday, February 18, 2011

Beyond Cute

Note to Gwen Stefani:
I feel like my heart is literally warmer from looking at this picture. This was taken at the LAMB New York fashion week presentation. Rumor has it, Kingston was sitting front row, and when you were making your walk down the runway, he ran up to join you. Too cute. Also, love your whole look, as usual.

Note to Readers:
SO maybe I am gushing a little bit, but fashion week really brings out the best in me. I hope you have been checking out and loving what you are seeing as much as I have been. Let's talk about Gwen for a minute. I appreciate that she has found a look that she likes (platinum hair, red lips) and she is sticking to it. Gone are the days of blue hair and braces, and it looks like this sophisticated siren is here to stay. I for one am thrilled about it.