Sunday, September 12, 2010

VMA's 2010

Note to Readers:
I am so sorry for neglecting you lately, life has been crazy-busy. I have missed you all, and missed giving you my two cents about the wonderful world of fashion. Tonight was the MTV VMAs. I don't have cable right now (a giant LE SIGH!), so I didn't see the show, but you better believe I looked up what people were wearing! Without further delay... here are my thoughts about a few of the hits and misses of the night:

Note to Rihanna:
You are pretty much the definition of fierce, and you have an incredibly enviable figure, but let's be honest... this ensemble is not showing either. It looks like you are doing some kind of tribute to Madonna and Carrie's Sex and the City opening look, but this is not my favorite look on you. I do appreciate that you went for a more feminine look, it is always nice to change it up. I like your hair/headband as well. So maybe I just am not a fan from the neck down? Sorry, please don't hate me. I'm still Team Rihanna.

Note to Taylor Swift:
Speaking of loving when people change it up, I love your old Hollywood waves and vampy lipstick! Your look is very glamorous and I love it! What happened to your shoes though? Maybe it was explained in the show, and I just didn't see it? I just don't understand having a definite head-to-toe look, but forgetting the toe part? Anyway... I like the dramatic look.

Note to Lady Gaga:
Speaking of dramatic looks... you definitely brought the drama. You are wearing a look from the late Alexander (Lee) McQueen's final collection, and I think he would be proud. Sometimes your looks are too crazy for me (for example the Kermit the frog stuffed animal neckline outfit), this one however I think is fitting for your ever-evolving persona.

Well... that's it for now. I am not going highlight Katy Perry's attempt at wearing high-fashion (Marchesa's figure skating costume of a dress), or the fact that Ke$ha's braid reminded me of Jenny Humphrey's season finale hair. I need to get some rest, I think this is going to be a good week everyone.

What did you all think about VMA fashion?

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