Saturday, December 5, 2009

Change it Up!

Note to Taylor:
YOUR HAIR IS STRAIGHT! I think you are darling, but my one complaint (and it is a small one) is that your hair always has the same curled look to it. The curls are great, but I have been looking for some diversity, and voila! Don't abandon the curls entirely, just alternate a few new looks here and there.

Also, if you are dating Taylor Lautner, bravo. I saw New Moon, and he is looking BEYOND good.

PS. I love your scarf.

Note to Readers:
Sometimes it is easy to get into a style rut. Whether it be hair, clothes, shoes or accessories, sometimes when something works we stick to it.

I, for example, can not wear jeans that aren't skinny or cigarette leg anymore. I have been wearing them for so long that if I put on a different silhouette I feel like I am wearing baggy bellbottoms. I am working on it though, I promise.

So... the key is not to abandon your trademark item (or look) entirely, just to mix some variety into the look. Like Taylor straightening her curls. We have to keep our looks from getting boring.

1 comment:

Katherine Fajen said...

i want her tights and i'm proud of her for changin it up. finally!