Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Note to Kate Middleton:
This lilac Alexander McQueen dress is perfection. I love the pleats, the color and the belted waist highlights your slim figure. Who is helping you select you clothing? Seriously, I am dying to know. You always look appropriate, fashionable and elegant. Those are not easy feats to pull off, but you are doing it well! (Sorry this pic isn't the greatest of your husband, but it really highlights the dress)

Note to Readers:
Seemingly like the rest of the world, I have been watching Kate and her fashions. The North American trip has been like a one-woman fashion show and I have been loving it! Kate always looks fashionable but she does it in such a sophisticated and classy way. I hope some of our Hollywood royalty is taking note. You don't have to show skin to make a statement.