Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Am... Sasha Lame

Note to Beyonce:
You are beautiful, I can't argue with that. You have a curvy figure, and I love that you show that women of all sizes are beautiful. THIS IS IMPORTANT THOUGH, no matter how pretty you are, or how bootylicious, or how fierce, it is never acceptable to wear an outfit made solely of spandex or lycra. Seriously, this outfit would make Kate Moss look like she needs to shop at Lane Bryant. Time to fire your mom, and hire a stylist.

Note to Readers:
I want to make sure you all know, I think that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. How you dress can emphasize your uniqueness, or in this case can draw awkward attention to your body. Choose what you wear wisely, it is how you present yourself to the world.

Side Note:
Beyonce's new album is titled I Am... Sasha Fierce., hence the title of the post. Just thought I would clear that up.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Wait... What?

Note to Paris Hilton:
Did you read my post where I made fun of your style and your bra showing? Did you take note and hire a new stylist? I am so baffled by this photo. The dress is a sophisticated color, and you look... dare I say, demure. I couldn't find a full photo of this dress so if the skirt is see-through and you can see a leopard thong, please ignore my previous praise. I am intrigued Paris, is this new pretty style here to stay? I am surprised, but pleased.

Note to Readers:
This post goes to show that it is never to late to clean up your look. Seriously, throw out your micro-mini and mesh tops and start your new look today. If Paris can do it, there is hope for all of us. Now if we can just get Mariah Carey to cover up her midriff, I will really feel like we are making some progress!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Rock the Vote

Note to Readers:
A historic election day is just hours away. I wanted to do an election inspired post, to remind everyone to vote, if you haven't already. I voted with an absentee ballot, and love this method, because I don't have to wait in lines at the polls. Anyway, in honor of the election, I want to examine the fashion and style of Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain. One of them is going to be our next First Lady, so let's see who looks the part!

Note to Michelle Obama:
I like that you are brave enough to incorporate horizontal stripes in your Narciso Rodriguez look. I think the black and white color selection is a classic choice, and will almost always look sophisticated. However, your jacket is too big for you, and you will be surprised to see how much a little tailoring will dramatically improve your look. Its all the about the fit Michelle.

Note to Cindy McCain:
I love this camel jacket. From the buttons, to the collar, to the perfect fit, this jacket looks like it was made for you (and maybe it was). This jacket is sophisticated without looking matronly or stuffy. I can't say enough good things about it. My one complaint about this look is the pants. Did you have to wear a matchy-matchy suit? Maybe I just have a personal aversion to completely coordinating separates, but I wish you chose to pair this jacket with something a different color, and a little more interesting.

Note to Michelle:
I admire that you wear "budget-friendly" J-Crew and Gap ensembles to things, and you still look polished and stylish. Sometimes you turn to designers, like wearing Narciso Rodriguez or in this dress you turned to Thakoon. The colors of this floral dress look amazing with your skin, and I love the interesting print. I wish the skirt was less of an a-line, if it fit a little bit closer to the body it would be more flattering on your figure. Minor fit issues aside, I think this is a beautiful dress, and an excellent choice.

Note to Cindy:

(Apparently I am on a first name basis with the women now) You really understand color. This Oscar de la Renta dress is a gorgeous, unique color and I am loving it. The silhouette of the dress is a wonderful play on a shirt-dress, and the full skirt is a wise design choice, and the pleats in the skirt are perfectly executed. Mr. de la Renta has done amazing gowns for the current First Lady, and he did an immaculate job with this dress. Maybe he should run for president?

Reminder to Readers:
Vote. You have the freedom to choose whom and what you are going to vote for, enact that freedom.